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When these things happen to the car wiper, it means that the replacement

  • Jimmy at
  • November 29, 2018

Car wiper is a rainy day will use the equipment, no car wiper cleaning, we can not see the road surface, many car friends reflect, sometimes the car wiper with the use of the brush can not move, with the use of the brush is not clean, then this is why?

In fact, it is not a small problem to encounter these problems, because the abnormal work of the car wiper will affect the normal driving will also occur accidents.

What is the situation to change the car wiper?

When the car wiper slices harden

As the most important part of the car wiper, cleaning rainwater and dirt to rely on car wiper slices to clean, no car wiper pieces really can not do anything, car wiper slices aging is relatively fast, if the car wiper piece hardening will be difficult to brush clean.

Heavy rain when the rainfall is plentiful, car wiper slices brush up clean as if still can be used, because of the amount of water, brush up smooth.

Light rain, the amount of rain is not a lot, car wiper slices are very difficult to brush the movement, car wiper pieces hard will brush uneven, leaving a lot of traces, so that the windshield blurred, affecting the view.

The washing frequency slows down

Sometimes the rain brush hole frequency slows down, open to the fastest will be very slow, in the case of heavy rain this slow-frequency car wiper is not clean glass.

This means that the car wiper has aged, so check where there is a problem with the two parts of the motor and the car wiper.

car wiper ARM

The car wiper is moved by the car wiper arm spring, and if the spring ages to rust, the car wiper arm loses its previously normal stretch range.

If the car wiper arm spring tension weakens, in telling the driving situation, will encounter very strong wind resistance, the car wiper  blowing up, blocking our field of vision, will also change the normal washing range, resulting in some positions have not been brushed to cause unnecessary waste.

Small analysis

When the car wiper is not normal, if any of the above occurs, please immediately replace the car wiper to prevent accidents.